Who We Are

Yanikh was born out of a lifelong friendship and shared dreams of three passionate individuals.

We started out in India and paved our way to Dubai. With a genuine love for what we do, we’ve been able to stand out as digital marketing mavens for over 50 incredible clients. 

We're all about bringing authenticity and professionalism to the table, making your digital dreams a reality. No fluff or fancy jargon, just genuine results that matter.

Our Strength

Fresh Ideas for Every Business

200% ROI from Facebook ads

We can unlock the potential of Facebook Ads and achieve a 200% return on investment for your business. With targeted ads and strategic planning, we can help your business with significant growth and increased revenue.

89% Guaranteed Success

We build what transforms. Whether it's simple design tweaks or complete website development, we give it our all.

75% SEO Optimization

With our unique digital marketing services and creative SEO optimization techniques, we track all that is required to keep your site on top.

Our Story

A whirlwind tale of three friends turned digital dream-weavers!


The first thought of building something of our own struck us


Competitive Ananlysis

With proper market research we tracked the gaps and started to work on them



We decided to personalize our brand with combinations of our names.


YANIKH was live!

Finally, we were live and ready to build a good name in the market space


Meet the Founders

Yash Shetty


The strategic architect, driving growth through data-driven digital strategies.

Nitesh Mohnani


The creative virtuoso, crafting impactful brand stories that resonate.

Anilekh Jain


The visionary trendsetter, shaping innovative approaches to elevate digital presence.

Why us?

Your All-in-One Oasis

We're the go-to for start-ups and ambitious business owners, providing a kickass platform to learn, grow, and conquer together.

The A-Team

Our rockstar team fearlessly navigates marketing campaigns across diverse industries, rocking the digital realm with expertise and pizzazz.

Round-the-Clock Support

We're here round-the-clock, whenever you need us. Feel free to hit us up!

Need help?